We are a small two Italian sisters team.

Since 2002 Toscana Mia is our  Italian Cooking and Language School in Florence and Chianti ,Tuscan countryside.

We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.


I’ve loved to cook since I was 9 years old. Reading cookbooks, experimenting  recipes and food ,also from other countries. Cooking  with my mother and sister was  normal  having always friends at lunch or parties.

Probably because of my scientific mind I  got degree in Biology at the University of Florence. Because of the International family connections I  studied  English, French and Spanish

Started my career as a  researcher in a Biology Centre and went on as Nutrition  Expert for a Dutch Company  

Then I started thinking that the family company we had, a Foreign Language school had much more to do with my love for travelling and meeting people.

The demand for Italian Cooking Classes and friendship with restaurant chefs, transformed my hobby into my main work.

I used to be a city person  and I still love cities but  I learnt to appreciate the beauty  and lifestyle of  Chianti countryside  


The first smell I remember in my life is a white pizza with rosemary on top;at 8 years I played the part of a chef in a theatre piece.

With a passion for communication, I got degree in Foreign Languages, at the University of Florence :English, German, French and others for passion.

I started my career as an Interpreter /Translator  in different fields and following a family tradition I  moved to Diplomatic Career doing International  studies but the desire to work independent was  too strong and  joined the family Foreign Language School.

 I found that my true love is  teaching and I became teacher of Italian Language,Director of School for Foreigners and Teacher of Italian Cooking.

I  love the country ,walking  in the olive groves and follow  seasons’ changes with my daughters and then shopping in town.


The boss

She is 10 years old and she was born in the house next to our and she spent all her life here.She speaks several languages, as far as you pet and feed her.

She is the official trainer of the neighbours’ dogs.

Want to study with us?

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