Chianti Menu

Stuffed Vegetables  there are two different possibilities:

with rice and olives or with eggs breadcrumbs and herbs.

You can use tomatoes, crougette \ zucchini or capsicum \ bell peppers

Fagioli all’Uccellettoa very tasteful dish with beans (possibly the white ones) with garlic, tomato puree and sage.We explain how to cook beans but you can use the canned ones, too.

Ciabatta Bread a quick and easy recipe for preparing  Italian Ciabatta bread

A perfect menu that can satisfy also vegetarian and some recipe can be perfect also for vegan

When we confirm the class we send you ingredients, recipes and list of utensils 

3 days in advance so you can buy all the ingredients

on the day of the class we send you a Meeting invitation 30 minutes in advance

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