Virtual Cooking Experience with Amazon Explore

From USA you can join us also on Amazon Explore

Learn to make pasta, Tuscan spaghetti, focaccias, … with Toscana Mia Sisters and Amazon Explore

From 2020 we collaborate with Amazon for a new service available  right now only in USA

You can join a session to realize:

Virtually learn to make fresh pasta

with the Toscana Mia sisters in Italy

Tagliatelle with tomato or mushroom sauce  

60 minutes

Learn to make Tuscan spaghetti, Pici

with Italy’s Toscana Mia

Pici with Garlic and Cherry Tomato sauce

45 minutes

Baking Easy Small Focaccias with

Toscana Mia Sisters in Tuscany

Small Focaccias with different toppings

30 minutes

Amazon Explore is  a new service that connects you with Toscana Mia for a customized 1-to-1 session, allowing you to see, hear, and talk about things as  they happen in real time. You can join us virtually from the comfort of your home, from your kitchen, being in front of a computer: with just one click  you are transported  to  a family kitchen  in the heart of Tuscany, to cook with us.

Our virtual experiences are all live, streamed you directly , fully interactive using’s brand new service.

For extra information  contact us or book on Amazon Explore

 “Fantastic class – would recommend

I really enjoyed the virtual pasta making class I took with the Toscana Mia sisters in Tuscany. I had taken in person pasta making classes before, but never really used the skills learned there since the class taught the pasta making in a difficult and not accessible way. After taking this class virtually with my mother, I not only cooked pasta during the class, I have also made a lot more pasta to freeze after tasting the delicious pasta I made during class. I’d recommend this class if you want a simple, accessible, and delicious pasta making class.”

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