Private Virtual Cooking Class

Here we have some suggested menus for you.

Enjoy Our Food Experience


Discover Our Menu

Sample Menu

1 Uno

Homenade Fettuccine

Bolognese Sauce


4 Quattro

Pici Tuscan Spaghetti

Tomatoes & Garlic Sauce


7 Sette

3 Salads:Panzanella

Pecorino & Rucola

Farro Salad

2 Due

3 Pasta Sauces

Red, White & Green Sauces


5 Cinque

Potato Gnocchi

Aromatic Herbs Sauce


8 Otto

3 Appetizers: Bruschetta

Pistachio Crostini

Black Olives Paté

3 Tre

Homemade Ravioli

with 2 different filling


6 Sei

No Eggs Tiramisu

Olive Oil Cake


9 Nove

Lemon Chicken Piccata

Spinach Tuscan Way

These are some suggestions .You can request other recipes and we confirm if we can prepare them in 60 minutes.

How does it work?

You choose menu, date and time you would like and how many persons will connect.

We are available from 6 am CET to 12 am CET so we offer time availability for all the world

It costs

Euro 80 for 1 device

Euro 120 for 2 devices

Euro 160 for 3 devices

Euro 200 for 4 devices

Euro 240 for 5 devices

Euro 280 for 6 devices

Euro 320 for 7 devices

Click below for the payment

Contact us using the form below, or email, WhatsApp

WhatsApp ++393342476098

When we confirm availability, menu and cost for your class, you can provide the payment by credit card or PayPal.

We’ll send you a Zoom Meeting link plus a list of ingredients and Tools you need during the cooking class.

together with the recipes. 

And then we cook and chat together.

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