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Italian Cooking Class online

How does it work?

  • You choose date and time you would like and how many devices will connect.
  • We are available from 6 am CET to 12 am CET
  • You choose the recipe you’d love to realise with us
  • For the booking you can pay by   Bank swift or Paypal or and we’ll provide you the  datas
  • We send you a Confirmation with List of Ingredients and tools necessary for  the class. You can reach out for substitution suggestions.
  • One week before we’ll send you an invitation with a link to connect with us. You don’t need a Zoom account
  • The day of the class you join and you’ll see us in front of you like around a table, ready  for our recipe

Discover Our Menu

Here we have some suggested menus for you.

Sample Menu

1 Uno

Ribollita Soup

(Tuscan thick vegetable soup)


4 Quattro


Saffron Risotto


7 Sette

3 Pasta Sauces

Red, White & Green

2 Due

Homemade Fettuccine

Bolognese Sauce


5 Cinque

Pici Tuscan Spaghetti

Cacio & Pepe Sauce


8 Otto

Homemade Ravioli

with 2 different fillings

3 Tre

Potato Gnocchi

Aromatic Herbs Sauce


6 Sei

How to use Truffles

2 Recipes


9 Nove

No Eggs Tiramisu


These are some suggestions . Many more dishes are available, and we welcome GF and vegetarian requests and take care of any possible food allergy or restriction.

You can request other recipes and we confirm if we can prepare them in 60 minutes.

How to book

How to book

You choose menu, date and time you would like and how many persons will connect.

We are available from 6 am CET to 12 am CET so we offer time availability for all the world

Contact us using the form below ,email, WhatsApp

It costs :

Euro 80 for 1 device

Euro 120 for 2 devices

Euro 160 for 3 devices

Euro 200 for 4 devices

Euro 240 for 5 devices

Euro 280 for 6 devices

Euro 320 for 7 devices

For the booking you can pay by Bank swift or Paypal and we’ll provide you the  datas


I’ve tried to make homemade pasta at home many times with little success. After my experience with the Toscana Mia sisters, I will never struggle again!

I made a delicious fettuccine with mushroom sauce during my experience and I could not be happier with the results or the session itself. The computer work, lighting, sound quality, and internet connection were SO impressive.

The cooking class online was private and I was so happy for that because I was able to chat with the sisters and ask lots of questions.

They also didn’t mind when my baby (who was watching the class while I was looking) squealed occasionally from her high chair.

I hope to visit Tuscany soon and meet these lovely ladies and see their beautiful home in person! Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning something new and feeling (at least for 60 minutes) that you are in Italy!

Sarah & Paul

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