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Saffron Risotto

Typical Italian risotto with saffron and Balsamic Vinegar (if available) served with Ossobuco cooked Tuscan way.

Available Dates and Time:

Friday October 23rd 4:00 pm London time 5:00 pm Amsterdam time

11:00 am NY time 8:00 am LA time

Saturday October 24th 3:00 pm NY time 12:00 pm LA time

Sunday November 1 4:00 pm Sidney time 2:00 pm Perth time

How does it work? 

Decide the date you would like.

Contact us using the form below, or

When we confirm your class, you can provide the payment by credit card or PayPal.

We’ll send you a Zoom Meeting link plus a list of ingredients and utensils you need during the cooking class

On the day of the class we remind you the link to join the meeting on Zoom

together with the recipes. 

And then we cook and chat together.

If you prefer a different date consider a private cooking class. 

Menu Rosso

Cooking Class Day:

40.00 €

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